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Fixed Deposit Calculator online tool that allows you to calculate the maturity amount or interest on your fixed deposit and easiest tool to calculate FD interest rates.

FD calculator is similar to a normal calculator and it works on your inputs. Enter FD Amount, Rate of Interest , Tenure and amount frequency to compute maturity amount and interest.


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FD Interest Calculator

What is Fixed Deposit (FD)?
A fixed deposit (FD) is a financial instrument provided by banks or NBFCs which provides investors a higher rate of interest than a regular savings account, until the given maturity date. You can deposit a lump sum of money in fixed deposits for a specific period, ranging from 7 days to 10 years.

Fixed deposits are a high-interest yielding Term deposit and offered by banks in India.

The interest rates differ bank to bank and also on the maturity period. The interest is compounded quarterly (every three months) in most banks.

Tax is deducted by the banks on FDs if interest paid to a customer at any bank exceeds Rs. 10,000 in a financial year. This is applicable to both interest payable or reinvested per customer.

Benefits of Fixed Deposits

  • Fixed Deposits is a secure investment and yields assured returns.
  • FD is locked for a fixed tenure and helps you to develop a habit of saving.
  • Some financiers also offer greater returns for senior citizens

With the help of our Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator or FD Calculator you can calculate interest and maturity amount against your investment under Fixed Deposit scheme. Our FD Interest Calculator is a among fastest and easiest tool to calculate FD interest rates.